Belgravia Gallery is committed to raising funds for the following charities through the sale of fine art and photography.

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The Sebastian Hunter Memorial Trust was founded in 2002 by Anna Hunter (owner of Belgravia Gallery) in memory of her son Sebastian. It was important to Sebastian's family that funds raised and donated in his memory would make a real difference and so it was decided that helping and providing continued support to those suffering from poverty in India (where it affects some 600 million people), would be immediately felt and moreoever that investing in education would be key.

In Sebastian's memory, numerous educational projects have been funded and supported by Belgravia Gallery, with the general aim of inspiring creativity, education and leadership in some of the poorest areas of Tamil Nadu in Southern India. The rural poor of this region are especially vulnerable and support and education provided through schools and childcare initiatives are making a real difference to individual lives.
The Trust's first project, Sebs School, built and continues to support a primary school in Senji Mottur.

Sebs School, Senji Mottur

Daily, some 6000 young people currently use the various facilities provided and supported by the Trust. Donations and support continues from Belgravia Gallery through sales of art including works by Nelson Mandela and the gallery regularly sponsors fundraising initiatives run independently by the charity.

Kassam Orphanage, Arni School and Karigiri Leprosy Hospital

In addition, the Trust supports Sustainable Livelihood projects encouraging and providing investment for initiatives that help the childrens’ extended families directly to earn a living from various local crafts and businesses. Other initiatives include support for sufferers of HIV, a mother and child care centre, resource centres, computer rooms and science facilities at a number of schools, a workshop for women in a village hit by the Tsunami, teacher’s training and other amenities in schools.
UK Registered Charity No.1119191

Over the past 17 years, Belgravia Gallery has been honoured to be associated with His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales’s Signed Lithographs based on his original watercolour paintings. To date, the Princes’ Charitable Foundation has received over £4 million from the sale of these lithographs.


Charities benefitting from sales of lithographs by Nelson Mandela and other items donated by Belgravia Gallery include:



Belgravia Gallery regularly donates works of art to charity events and also holds fundraising evenings at the gallery. Please contact the gallery for more information.